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digital experience
digital experience
Digital Experience
Digital Experience
Digital Experience

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Pilkas specializes in delivering advanced digital solutions meticulously designed to address the most intricate operational challenges. Our innovative technology empowers clients to streamline processes, ensuring they efficiently and effectively achieve specific goals and objectives. Committed to excellence, Pilkas is dedicated to providing tailored digital software solutions that drive success for both businesses and individual users.

Beyond conventional software development, we harness the synergy of cutting-edge technologies, innovative solutions, and artificial intelligence to propel your business into the future. With this extensive experience, we can orchestrate thousands of strategic discovery processes, peeling back layers to understand, connect, represent, and dominate your market.

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Digital Experience

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Through strategy, design, and planning we build brand identities that connect with your Nesi. We then fine-tune a marketing plan that allows us to laser focus and target your audience through the right channels.

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Mobile App

We use the Mobile Apps feature of Azure App Service to rapidly build engaging cross-platforms and native apps for iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac; store app data in the cloud or onpremises; or add your custom back-end logic.

Web Development

At our software solutions company, we excel in crafting dynamic and tailored Web Development services that elevate your online presence. Our team of experienced developers combines creativity and functionality to deliver websites that not only captivate users but also meet the unique needs of your business.



In order to safeguard the success of your ecommerce site, Clickworker offers specialty services and solutions. We optimize your online presence to help your business rank in the best possible position, ensuring your customers can easily find.

Cloud Integration

Elevate your business operations with our Cloud Integration Services. We specialize in seamlessly integrating cloud solutions into your existing infrastructure, optimizing performance, scalability, and collaboration.

Reverse Engineering

As a leading software solutions provider, we offer specialized Reverse Engineering services to unravel the complexities of existing software and hardware systems.


Penetration Test

Our skilled team of cybersecurity experts meticulously assesses your systems, identifying vulnerabilities and potential risks. With a proactive approach, we ensure that your organization is equipped with robust security measures, safeguarding your data and maintaining the integrity of your digital infrastructure.

Digital Experience

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Digital Experience

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Digital Experience

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From bold start-ups to big names, Pilkas is proud of our clients' success and passionate about helping them accelerate growth through digital.

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